Little Iris

in my neighbours garden, for Flower Friday with thanks to Anni (BikerBear) :)

So thankful its the weekend, my mouth is so sore.  At least I had a quiet day at work and got loads done without using my voice too much!  Still lots to do, but I crossed quite a lot off...

If its not better by Monday think I'll have to see the dentist (though I'm not sure its a tooth issue) (and I haven't been for a few years, I'm terrified of the dentist :( :(  Partly because you have to pay so much...and often what they do, doesn't work and you end up going back again)

Looking forward to relaxing and getting myself well over the weekend, so no exciting trips out (well I might go to the lake for the first time this year, but I'll see what the weather is doing tomorrow morning...  Always got sorting out and packing to do especially as my Dad is coming on Wednesday...  

I need to sort out a photograph drive as my laptop is getting overloaded.  Ideas please??

Happy Friday folks :)

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