By AnneILM60

Barnacles, groatie buckets & more

These are all from my Westray shell collection and all are tiny.  The white shell on the top left is 3/4" across.  My tiny intact set is only 1/2" across!
The barnacles on the big scallop shell are 1" across at the widest point.  The groatie bucket is 1/2" long.  With a cold wind blowing I'm not even going into the backyard to tack photos today.

The front of my face is actually swollen with all the sinus junk.  Not fun.  My GP called me last night after he had seen all his patients and we talked for a while.  With all the flu etc about he knows I am loath to go to his practice with my lack of immune system.  He has gotten me started on some antibiotics to hopefully get this cleared up. 

I have just finished making myself some red beans & rice for lunch (late) and now hope to check out everyone's blips. 

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