a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Abstract Thursday: Patterns

This is started out as a set of 6 coasters, which I've then arranged and taken shots of, to create the end collage/arrangement for Ingeborg's Abstract Thursday challenge - patterns.  Despite appearances to the contrary this is a full colour image.

Today has largely been another work day, although I did pop out to the local Calumet / Wex to collect a new lens at lunch time which is rather exciting.  I've traded in a couple of lenses for a new 14-24mm wide angle zoom. I had the range covered before with a 14mm prime and a 16-35mm constant F4 but interestingly the new camera is not very forgiving of the softness of those lenses particularly at the corners.  

So this is actually the first use of that new lens, and it seems to have performed very nicely so far.  I'm looking forward to getting used to it over the next few weeks.  It has that very bulbous front element which means that (i) it cannot take standard filters and that (ii) I will have to be careful to avoid lens flare (particularly in strong sunshine).  I suspect that for landscape work it would be handy to be able to use filters but that will mean investing in a Lee Filter Adapter and some Lee Filters, so that will have to wait until the piggy bank regenerates, or I manage to recycle some other old kit on eBay or similar :-)

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