Little Miss Inventor

Miss L's homework for this half term was to invent something. Pretty difficult she discovered! It's like everything's already been thought of!
She created this amazing invention with a Microbit, some lollipop sticks and tin foil. 
It's a device that tells you the temperature, allows you to time things, plays tunes and tells you the light levels.
If only it was ten years ago - she's almost invented a Smart Phone!!
This morning was due to be a bit of a logistical nightmare. Miss E was due at her school at 9.45am to show families round at the Open Morning. 
It's two years since we went to the same Open Morning and I've never forgotten the girl who showed us round. She reminded me of Miss E  - very earnest and polite!
Miss L was due in Brackley for a netball match due to start at 10am.
Until our long awaited Bongo turns up we're still a one car family and obviously can't be in two places at once.
Papa was working in the shop today so he kindly said he'd come over early so he could take Miss E to school.
I woke the sound of pouring rain and before too long the Year 3 WhatsApp group was letting everyone know that the netball was off.
Obviously half an hour before the teachers got round to calling to let us know!
So it was an easier morning. I dropped Miss E at school and then went to Harris + Hoole with Miss L and Mr K. Miss L had her usual fun and games with Miss J, and it was lovely to see Mr K and Mrs F. 
I went back for Miss E at 1230pm and then there were a few hours tidying the house and getting ready for the arrival of her friend, Miss A,  for a sleepover.
Not long after Miss A arrived Mrs F popped round to take Miss L off for a few hours playing with Miss J. This meant everyone was happy and there was no squabbling over whose friends are whose and who likes who more and oh-my-God-kill-me-now-dramas-and-over-reactions!!!
They melted marshmallows, Starbursts and icing sugar to make edible gloopy stuff. Then they bounced around the house for a few hours before Dominos pizza for dinner and Boss Baby.
At 10pm they were awake but in bed at least. I left them to whatever they were doing and headed to bed!

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