Abstract Thursday .....

... Patterns in nature.

As I worked a longer shift today than normal I didn't have much time for photography.  I had taken some pictures earlier in the day with my smartphone and played around with them in an abstracting app.  But when I looked at them later on I didn't like anything!

So it was hubby to the rescue with suggesting the item featured above. Do you know what it is?  It'll probably be an easy guess. 

As it was late by the time I finished processing this picture I was too tired to post on time.  I am backblipping this on Friday ... sorry for the delay in the MM results. 

And now onto MM211 results ....

First ... thank you to all that participated .... despite the fact that it was apparently a difficult topic there were 114 entries, not including my own. 

Some of you pointed out that not a lot rhymes with February and I will agree that nothing rhymes with the entire word. But as demonstrated by your extraordinary entries there are rhymes that fit.  

As MM has been "on the books" so to speak for over 4 years new themes are getting scarce ... when I host MM I try not to repeat previously used themes. This is my second time hosting ... having done so last February as well.  And Skeena has hosted multiple times .... and I'm sure he is looking for future hosts if you are so inclined.

With that off my chest here are my results ....

My faves ... in no particular order:
GEO2B ~ I was hoping someone with rhyme with fairy.
BOM ~ I love the whimsical look of this photo.
Anneli ~ Such a beautiful sanctuary.  
Isbi ~ Everytime I look at this I smile.
johnsmiley1321 ~ Simply for the pure use of so many rhymes. He really thought this through!

Honorary Mentions:
Craftylady ~ Wonderful limerick.
audioengineer ~ I love the set up of this photo. 
fitzbilly ~ both the main blip and the extra are extraordinary.
Mole ~ Another beautiful sanctuary.
KTS ~ The simplicity of this is what drew me in ... as well as the short rhyme.
pipersmom ~ She was the only one to "Love the theme today! :-))"!

And I have a special mention for the extraordinary poem: mindful_life

And now onto next week's theme ... as if this post isn't long enough already!!

Next week's MM theme will be Silhouette.  Now this is different from shadows ... but I will entertain both if need be. If you Google Silhouette you can get some ideas.  I will post an example of Silhouette on a pre-MM post on Sunday ... watch for it.  Please tag your entries MM212.  

Thank you again to all that participate in the MM challenge!

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