These Doric columns outside the RSA Galleries in Princes Street may look in focus in the blip, but they were anything but as I squinted into the camera lens after a visit to the optometrist for my yearly eye test.
Because I have it done every year, I should have remembered that at some stage in the proceedings eye drops are involved to make the pupils dilate, and that the effect takes some time to wear off, making focusing in strong sunlight impossible.
As luck would have it, today we had a wall to wall deep blue sky and very bright sunshine, a rare enough occurrence these days, but the very combination to make me half blind and feeling a bit sea sick as I walked to the bus. It really brought home to me how lucky I am to have good eye sight.

His Lordship was on hand at the optician to flourish the plastic for my new look glasses which he assures me is my next birthday present. He did comment to the assistant that it might have been cheaper to buy me a white stick.
Since he was paying, he chose the specs. He’s better at this than I am, besides which he has to look at me while I hide behind them, but they are very different to any I have had for about 15 years. They make me look like a slightly rakish academic, a look I perhaps aspired to decades ago. I get them in 10 days- keep watching this space!

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