Life with Alice

By elirin

Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday! I’m four! Thanks to my friends around the globe, and mum and Grandma and Grandpa of course, it’s been the Best Birthday Ever!

Mum prepared the cake and wanted me to stay in bed so she could bring the cake and sing the Happy Birthday song. I couldn’t risk that, I had to accompany the cake from the kitchen. It was an awesome cake - four layers of pancake and liver pâté, soft bacon cheese coating, cheese ball powder and two shrimps! Yay!!

I spent the morning opening no less than four sets of presents! Can you believe that? I am so blessed to have such kind and generous friends. Just look at all my amazing gifts! Thank you so much Christin and Elli, Gill and Ziggy and Heidi!

We went walkies in the oak meadows, one of my favourite walks. Lots of snow and rock jumping. Then we watched the Olympic opening ceremony before we went to Grandma and Grandpa for Fika. I got two more presents and a yummy selection of my best human foods. Yay!

I tried to catch up on my snoozing in the afternoon, and then it was dinner time. Mum kept her promise and went out to get a calzone box that had a real pizzeria Calzone pizza in it! Oh it was super delicious! Mum skipped her diet and enjoyed too!

A fantastic day! Thank you all our Blipfriends for sharing our precious moments.

Love from Alice

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