Recording a moment

By chrisf

Room 7005

A meeting in the Town Hall Extension this afternoon. The word “extension” is totally misleading of course. It’s an excellent building in its own right, no need to compete with the gothic grandeur of the adjoining now empty town hall. Opened by George VI in 1938 it is solid, clean lines, and more restrained than its neighbour. In some ways, I prefer it.

This is the view from Room 7005. It also has a name - each of the meeting rooms in the extension is named after a couple of Manchester wards. I cannot remember the name, but here’s a clue from a board on the wall - the Lancaster bomber, Blackpool Tower, and the space suits for at least one of the Apollo missions were manufactured here.

Looking out from the window I was struck by two things. A green roof where I least expected one. And the structure of the Extension itself. It is not one big solid block. Facing the Central Library, the curve of the Extension is a slimmer construction than it looks from Library Walk.

And beyond - the Beetham Tower, the Great Northern partments, the two big apartment blocks rising above Owen Street, the Imperial War Museum North at the Quays (the image is clearer on my phone, which took the shot). Quite unexpected. And even more unexpected - sunshine and fluffy clouds ! Pity we’ll not be getting that this weekend.

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