John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Snowy Louvre Group ...

... in the Cour Carré, around noon, probably headed for the Louvre's  Pyramid entrance. 

My 3,000th blip, according to blipfoto.  I started eight years ago two days from now, on 11 February 2010. It's been a wonderful ride; I'm grateful to all those who have looked in on my journal, and I especially enjoy the comments--thanks to all of you :) 

 As you can see, it snowed again today, but in fact not very heavily and with little accumulation, despite the impression in this image. The extra was taken at 67 mm (EXIF) with my Canon SX720 HS  through the main Pyramid; the bright snow almost gives the impression of a sunny day. Gregory and I spent several hours at the museum, first in the the long Greek and Roman antiquities galleries, with their mostly large works. Then we went to the European medieval decorative arts galleries; I found the myriad examples of small ivories incredibly impression.  

Despite the relatively modest amounts of snow in the last couple of days there are still traffic tie-ups, the Metro is hit-or-miss, and our nearby Carrefour supermarket had many  empty shelves late this afternoon. The evening news reported a continuing serious impact on commerce. 

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