Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

AOG Opening Ceremonies

I was fortunate enough to be on hand when the St. Augustine Olympic Stadium Opening Ceremonies took place this morning. And what a show it was! I was spoiled for choices, but decided that I’d feature the Captain of Team Great Egret carrying in the Olympic stick. What an honor for Team GE!

Team Spoonie were also on hand, and Team Wood Stork sent one of their youngest Athletes for the opening (even though they won’t be in any event until later in the Games. See Extra for both.

Made the drive over to Gainesville and spent the afternoon interviewing some of the athletes at La Chua and Sweetwater. We’re looking forward to some big things from the Sweetwater Stadium tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

Also remember that the tagging sequence now is 2018AOG(date). So in the US, today’s entires will be tagged 2018AOG9.


Technical: shot against an overcast sky and lightened a bit. About 10% crop

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