By ciorstain

Back to work

After my early morning conference call at 8 am (!!) I got ready and met Jack at the Oran Mór to prepare our meeting at 1 pm. Thought it was nicer than sitting in the hotel lobby. We managed to be ready with everything in time and even had lunch (Jack) and breakfast (me).
We grabbed a taxi and went to Braehead were our customer's office is located. I was amazed that the taxi was less than 15 pounds. I would have expected more. We had a 4 hour meeting with Andrew. It was a good meeting! We headed back just to get out soon again to meet Andrew for dinner in town. This time I had chosen Guy's Restaurant which is an institution in Glasgow and you cannot fail with it. the only thing with Guz's is, that he never changes the menu. It's the same since I went there the first time 6 years ago, but it is great food, a lovely atmosphere and good service. We all enjoyed our food and wine and had a good night. I like Andrew. We are working together for years now and I am happy to see that he has moved up to a global role. This also means that Jack has plenty of reasons to come to Glasgow and for me that no one will question my location anymore ;). 
After dinner we took a cab home and I packed for tomorrow's early start (the 6 am flight! My favourite!) Taxi will come at 4:40 am!!

The photo is taken at Guy's. The two girls doing the service were lovely and very chatty - in a nice way!

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