nonsenses & truths

By sloeburn

Spare tyres

These are those who have seen better days.  I recognise a Marathon tread there I think. 

I've been wearing belts made of old tyres from velo-re for years now which are excellent.  They made them to order using titanium buckles I sent them (which I found somewhere on ebay) as my skin seems to object to other metals being in contact with it.

This last week or two I've been using a new hole in these belts, representing a smaller self-circumference.  I thought maybe I was just avoiding the jeans-hanging-off-arse look which I'm a little old for, but after weighing myself this morning I've actually lost a couple of kilograms.  Having been overweight for (as my memory would have it) my whole life the fact that I have lost weight without noticing really is something else.  A combination of getting back to low-carb eating with trying to save money pay off my credit card has probably reduced the amount I'm eating, but I also have very little appetite and this evening I could easily have forgotten to eat.  This really is unheard of for me.  I hope it's a positive thing and has resulted from improved self-awareness.

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