A boring day for me.  Didn't even do the ironing although I really should have.  Watched a lot of TV and that's about it. ( And have had far too much to eat )  Only left the house to put bird food out at the back and recycling out at the front.  Lazy or what!.

Becky and Mike had a far more energetic day.  This morning Becky ran in a cross country race in Richmond.  She was running for her club Horley Harriers and she was the first finisher for her club. Then they were off to Croydon so Mike could run in his cross country race.  He was 4th.  Their next door neighbour Ben was first.  ( as usual - he's very good ). Tomorrow Becky and Mike run in the Worthing Half Marathon. 

I watched some of the rugby.  Well done to England who were victorious.  My blip is a replica of a poster which was originally published in 1921 by The Underground Electric Railways Co.  The artist is Laura Knight who designed posters for the Underground and London Transport from 1921 - 1957.  She was also the official war artist during the 2nd World War.

On this day in 2012 my lovely cat Bobby passed away.  Still miss him as he was the most wonderful cat.  He was a stray cat who adopted  me and we became great pals.  I have put a photo of him in my Extras.

Steps today - 4,085

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