.... our Blackheath Photo Club had a fun day today at the Bathurst Race Cup Day. Country Races days anywhere in Australia are fun, as no doubt they are anywhere.

The 3 Amigos on their World Tour had a super day, helping out the Bookies taking bets, etc etc, but I liked this one of them saying hi to Kaylee jockey of horse Danish Lace. 

Rowan, Kelso and Trigger have really settled into the Aussie way! Check out extra #1 where there siddled up to the young ladies and asked for their "selfie" shot!! Of course it was a yes, the girls thought it was great to meet such travelled dogs, especially when finding out they are on their "3 Amigos World Tour".

Check out extra #2 for some of the race day action at the starting gates.

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE

... also check out TrishHobbs59, who is showing a shot of the race with Mr and Mrs Isbi's horse coming up to run third. It really was a top day.  

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