Alternative Olympic Games ...

Hello!  This is KangaZu reporting from the Pennsylvania Olympic stadium for station WKZU!  We are at the AOG about to witness history!

As you can see Team Squirrel is about to compete in the Inaugural Sledding event. As he approaches the sled (pic#1) he says a little prayer (pic#2) and then just goes for it (pic#3)!  And wins the gold medal!!!

ROAR!! The crowd goes wild! It's almost like being in Philadelphia this week!! :-)

I wanted to continue with Skeena's Mono Month Challenge so I have converted this to b&w .... but you can see the color version in the extra. So this makes for another triple challenge again this Saturday!

Actually ... it's four challenges if you count that this is a collage! Which is the Experimental Photography Challenge by Markus_Hediger!

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