A very quiet day lazing around at my Mum's, checking up on her from time to time and taking her drinks, food, tablets, etc.  She was very dozy for most of the day, and napped on and off, which has got to be a good thing, I think - her body's obviously working hard to fight the infection.  

There was some lovely sunshine today, and I had a little wander round the garden with my camera and 'vintage' lens this afternoon, making the most of its macro function and wide aperture.  I got a few shots I like and was struggling to choose one for today's blip - so I just texted Tim and he texted back, 'the second one.'  Haha!  So here it is, the second one of the narrowed-down selection.  Thanks Tim :D  (I've just emailed it to him, too, so he can see what he chose.)

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