Precious Little Girls

After visiting my sister yesterday to help her a little bit with her two grandchildren, I had decided to spend the night and stayed most of the day today. First on the agenda was to get up super early before anyone else, to watch the first Olympic Cross Country ski race - the 15k Ladies Skiathlon: 7.5k in the classic style and 7.5k in the freestyle or skating style, with a ski change in the middle. It was very exciting with a strong gold medal going to Sweden’s Charlotte Kalla, earning the very first gold medal of these Winter Olympics!

After the skiing and breakfast, I helped with some errands, and played a little bit with the girls. Aneeta is the one in the hat - which I made for her, finishing it off yesterday morning. It’s pink and it’s sparkly - so that kicked two big boxes for her!

Jasmine is the little one who’s not been well. She looked happy here after she got out of the bath. We think she may have turned the corner after a couple of good sleeps today.

There are lots of puzzles in the house - Aneeta loves them and is very good at them. Can you tell who the main character is in this one? We didn’t actually do any colouring but this big collection of crayons was sitting on the kitchen table. My sister and I have fond memories of our Aunt Marion always having a big tin of crayons at her house, so now my sister is carrying on the tradition in HER house.

I went home late afternoon and enjoyed a relaxing evening catching up with some of the Olympics on TV. Another early start tomorrow with the men’s Cross Country Skiathlon!

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