After yesterday’s pouring rain for most of the day, today’s morning of blue sky and (cold) sunshine was very welcome. I went for a walk around some fields on the way home from church today. I found lots of sheep - most of whom ran away when they saw me! I must be super scary! But this one stayed to say hello. Since she has the Swedish colours in her ears, I’ve decided to call her Charlotte after Charlotte Kalla, the incredible Swedish Cross Country skier who got the gold in the Skiathlon race yesterday. I hope she would approve having a sheep named after her!

Speaking of skiing - the men’s Skiathlon was early this morning - 0615!!! I got up specially to watch it. The men do a total of 30k - half in the classic style and then a ski change and half in freestyle or skating style. It was the most amazing race! If you’ve never watched cross-country before you really should try to catch it on iPlayer. The race lasted a little over an hour. Of course I was cheering for Britain’s Andrew Musgrave who did very well even though he didn’t make it on the podium. The race’s winner was Norway’s Krueger, who worked so hard after an early fall and really deserved that gold! Andrew will be racing later in the week in a race better suits his strengths, so I’m still hoping for a podium for him this week!

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