Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Another Emergency Bedtime Blip!

Obviously I’m either having some very dull days or I’m not inspired enough to be taking photographs! But THIS is not dull! This is my new fire! And I sure am loving it!

Today HAS been rather dull, actually. Housework, laundry, declutterinng a bit (or was I just moving things around?). The MAIN task today was reviewing some of the emergency procedures for work as tomorrow is my annual emergency training. I still get nervous after 30+ years! Prayers and best wishes are very welcome!

I DID have a very pleasant visit from a friend this afternoon whom I have not seen for quite awhile. I have started knitting squares for blankets which are given to a group who in turn pass them on to charities who work with the homeless. It’s a national group called Blankets For The Homeless, and my friend has set up the Reading wing. So we sat in front of the fire, drank tea and spent a couple of hours catching up on news while I knitted and she crocheted squares. I really should have taken pictures of what we were working on but I’ll have to do that another day. For today you get the very beautiful flames coming from my fireplace stove!

If any of my nearby friends have any wool/yarn to donate for the knitting I would happily accept! Or maybe you’d like to do some squares yourself?

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