Denver Capitol Building

I was back in the air today. I felt a big improvement in my achy back in the last 36 hours and yesterday I had another Physio appointment which helped too, so I was happy to be back to work. It helped that we had less than 60 passengers on the whole plane! I did feel some added discomfort manoeuvring carts around but I tried to be as careful as possible.

We landed in Denver in glorious sunshine and as soon as I got settled in my room I just HAD to get out for a walk. It was cold (1C/34F), but the direct sunlight felt so warm. I could have stayed out for a couple of hours but I had made arrangements for an early dinner with my crew so I made the most of 45 minutes out in the fresh air. Walking is also good for my back.

I walked by the Capitol building and loved the way the dome looked against the bright blue sky. If you look closely you can see people walking around the outside of the dome. I haven’t been inside the building for many years, so I need to visit again soon and climb up to the dome.
(For another view, see last week’s blip of the Capitol Building)

Denver is known as the Mile-High City. There’s a step leading up to the building that indicates that it is one mile - 5280 feet (1609 m) - above sea level. 5280 - also the name of the restaurant where we had dinner. They love to celebrate that mile high status here!

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