Weighing In

It was raining cats and dogs most of today - a perfect day for a desk day and catching up with things at home. I was sorry that there was no Cross Country skiing at the Olympics, though. I went to the gym for the full induction with my Physio this afternoon - she has created an hour-long programme for me to do, which she’ll change every couple of weeks. It wasn’t so bad - hopefully this will be the new me and my new favourite hobby!

This was pretty much the only picture I took the whole day! It was outside the vets where I used to take Dolly. I took it for my blip-friend Alice, who had the dreaded visit to HER vet today, and was told she needed to watch her weight - just like me and her mum! The only difference is that Alice probably needs to put ON weight while we are trying to LOSE weight. Life is not fair. That’s all I can say!

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