Mini Irises

Another night with not enough sleep.  Poor BB did sleep for a few hours, then the coughing started and wouldn’t stop.  Later a sore tummy came along, just to add to his discomfort.  First day of the school holiday and we were confined to barracks.  BB appeared downstairs mid-morning and took up residence on the sofa.  He ate some fruit, but wasn’t interested in anything else.  We had planned to visit and spend a few days with granny and granddad this week, but I have had to cancel that.

I did a few chores and started tidying up a room I have been turning  blind eye on. Lots of stuff has been dumped in it and needs a good clear out. I have made a good start.

I popped out to get more fruit for the patient before continuing my chores and cook tea.  BB ate some tea, which has to be a good sign.  After my 4am start to the day, I crashed in front of the TV and found the pilot episode of ER on a random channel.  I used to  love ER, though I started watching it many series in.  I managed to just  stay awake to also watch Collateral, and then my bed was calling me.

No blip opportunities today. These lovely irises have appeared in the garden.  I think they originally came out of a pot and were shoved in the garden and forgotten about.  They brighten things up.

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