The second half of life..

By twigs

Exciting day :D

The weathermen forecast rain during the afternoon/evening as there's another ugly system approaching.  The firewood I'd begun stacking yesterday was the priority for the morning, though it did take me longer than I thought (hoped!) it would.  

A few other domestic chores during the afternoon whilst I whiled away the time waiting for H & T to arrive.  Their international flight was scheduled to arrive at 2.45 and the flight from Akl to Nelson was always going to be a push to make (can't believe the last flight of the day on a Saturday on that route is 4.20!)  Fortune was with them as the longhaul arrived on time.  Phew!  They were prepped and ready for the speed-walk from one terminal to the other and managed to make the connection with just minutes to spare.  Yay!!

How absolutely wonderful to see them here in my wee neck of the world.........tired from 30-odd hours of travelling but HERE, on the other side of the world and sooooooo excited about their holiday.  

After time to catch up, freshen up and unpack we opted for dinner out at McCashins, just a short walk to get there - an opportunity to stretch the legs after the flights.  By the time we left a couple of hours later we were surprised to find it was raining.  Home, cuppa, chat, chat, chat then bed at a 'normal' time in the hope of beating jet lag and getting into the rhythm of down-under as quickly and easily as possible.

And the pic?  H brought this gift from him, S and K.......a very special gift that brings a bit of Mum to NZ for my birthday.  Together they had the idea and had hime made specially from a very dear item of mum's!  What a fabulous idea and what a lovely gift.  He will be treasured for many, many years to come xx

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