My Friend Shelly

Had a great day yesterday. Went to the Y to do my morning "silver sneakers" exercises, 45 minutes of yoga, and 45 minutes of the circuit. It felt good and I was tired when I got home.

My friend Raven came over for lunch and we had a lovely chat. She had to leave around two to get to an appointment on time.

I was feeling like taking a walk so I texted Shelly to see if he wanted to take a walk. He did and I drove to his place. We walked down from his condo to the waterfront. We walked by the heron rookery to see if there were any birds there yet. I didn't see any. I took this portrait photo there. We continued on to the lovely little park nearby. We sat quietly on a large tree on the beach and basked in the late afternoon sun. It was cold out but the sun was very warming.

Next we walked up to Fairhaven and had dinner at Jalpenos. We took a bus from there to a place near Shelly's and spent the evening together there. It was a perfect day.

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