My Cozy Home

My heart is so full today. I am confounding myself at the joy I'm feeling in my new friendship with Shelly. This is something I was not looking for or expecting. And yet, here he is, and here am I, exploring a new relationship that is as sweet as it is unexpected. I truly thought that a) I didn't want another relationship and b) it was highly unlikely at my age. Boy was I wrong! Life is full of surprises. And I feel profoundly grateful for the good fortune I have in my life. But for Shelly's friend asking if it was okay for Shelly to sit next to me on the symphony bus, I'd most likely never even have met him. The ease with which I moved to my new place, settled in and met Shelly makes me feel that the universe is supporting me. I love this wonderful word that all you folks over the pond use, gobsmacked. That describes me right now perfectly.

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