Underneath the arches......

.....  or more correctly the underpass which saves you having to cross the busy ring road as well as being more interesting.  We had a beautiful sunrise this morning but in order to get a good sunrise shot I need to get in the car and drive a little way and I wasn't organised today.  Still, at 9am the light was still good but having said that I'd only been out a very short time when we had snow flurries which quickly turned to rain.  Luckily I'd taken a dozen or so shots by then, so at least I had a blip even though my photography walk was cut short.

We've been out for lunch today, and it was important to Jack that we went out for Valentine's Day;  as we usually go out on Wednesday I fail to see the logic of this  - but never mind it was a nice thought and it proves that romance isn't dead. :-))

Thank you for the  comments and stars left for yesterday's image, they're all very much appreciated, and thank you Bobsblips for hosting the WidWed challenge.

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