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Driven crazy by packing and the limbo-feeling of waiting to go on holiday, I found myself battling along the West Bay into the wind (and rain, but it had gone off by the time I took this) just as it began to move from a dreich afternoon to a gloomy evening. And it struck me this is a bit of Dunoon I've never photographed.

The red iron railings and ornate pillars are, I imagine, the bridge that carried the old road over the burn that goes under the current road where I was standing. Presumably the road was straightened and widened when traffic became too much for the road as it used to be - I can't find any corroborative photographs, but it seems reasonable to assume so. The area behind the beach used, it seems, to be much more untamed - even in the middle of the town, where a good deal of land has been reclaimed for car parking and so on.

The houses in the road, which look out to sea with no real obstruction, are described in one local history as "a fashionable community near the village of Dunoon" when Holy Trinity church was built behind them (off to the right and up the hill!) in 1850. Beyond the forested hillside on the right you can just make out the still-snowy hills above the Bishop's Glen, the same hills as featured two blips ago.

I should perhaps mention that just as I have blips of desperation, I have also walks of desperation. This is one of them ...

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