A trio of blippers!

After yesterday's lovely evening with ex-blipper Pooba and Mrs Poo in Christchurch, we swapped our rental car for a motorhome and drove to Timaru, where we have been entertained royally by blipper Rainie and husband Doug. Local blipper OldTimer was able to join us for the evening too, which was lovely and provided the opportunity for this selfie blip to be taken of me with rainie on my right (the left of the photo) and OldTimer on my left. As you can see this was a really fun blipmeet. (My Editor and Doug were, of course, in attendance as chaperones!)

I'd met rainie before (in a pub in Keswick almost a year & a half ago) but I'd never met OldTimer. We had a lovely evening.

Rainie and OldTimer have blipped much better photos of our group.

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