Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Here's looking at you, kid - SilS72

Yes, swans are very over-blipped beasties, by me amongst others.  So beautiful, so graceful.  But the more I watch them - particularly the cobs at this time of year when they're parading their masculinity - the more I find it's their relationship with us that I enjoy.  Always up for a free lunch and thoroughly nosey, the speed they extract bread out of toddlers is a marvel to behold.  This one was being thoroughly naughty doing just that, while the kids threw bags of crusts at him and his missus and ran away squealing.  Hilarious!  He was one of the highlights of my day.

Thank you so much to Admirer for hosting the SillySaturday challenge.

The other high spot was trialling my new camera back.  I can't remember if I used it for this shot, but it's exactly the same as my old one - I just have the fabulous freedom now of reaching for whichever has the right length lens on without having to fiddle about changing them.  So I'm happy as a pig in sh**. 

Oh, and there are a couple of chefs in the kitchen cooking my supper, which also can't be bad.  Enjoy your Saturday night, dear blippers  xx

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