Queue Here For The Canteen . . .

Last Sunday we were ‘Waiting’ for customers at the Bird Café. 
Today they turned up in force, well at least the starlings did plus a few Blue Tits.  We were also visited by an oversized ‘Silly Saturday visitor to the nut feeder.  Jackdaws are just a little bit too big to hang on up there, be he (or she) seemed to do ok.  There is a shot at extras along with a starling actually feeding from one of the coconuts, and a close-up (cropped) of a starling (at the feeder outside the window) with a mouthful and an expression that just says “MINE!”.
I have added these and a few others to my ‘Birds’ album on Flickr.
Will this do for Silly Saturday?  Thanks to Admirer for hosting.

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