Low-Carb Lasagna

After all our rain it was a glorious day today and I was able to spend some time in the garden with the sun on my face. It felt like spring!

I’ve seen these butternut squash ‘lasagna sheets’ in the supermarket and decided to give them a try tonight and made a low-carb lasagna. I followed the recipe on the back and I have to say the end result was delicious - except - there was way too much liquid in the meat sauce and even after reducing it down and thickening it with cornflour, I only used half of it. And of course the squash doesn’t absorb the liquid like the pasta sheets would. I’ll probably try it again, but will cut down on or eliminate the stock completely.

I sometimes wonder if these recipes are really tested? I tried a similar recipe using thinly sliced aubergine and it was also way too soupy.

Winter Olympics news:
It was another exciting day in Pyeongchang! Today’s cross-country skiing race was the Ladies 10k (classic style) - with the gold going to Norway’s Haga, silver to Sweden’s Kalla and a shared bronze to Finland’s Parmakoski and Norway’s Bjoergen. I was sorry that US’s Jessie Diggins didn’t get on the podium - she was 3 seconds behind, coming in 5th but it just wasn’t her day today. Some people think cross-country must be boring but it’s really an on-the-edge-of-your-seat event! Can’t wait for the rest of the races!

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