Dominoes by Candlelight with Nora and Dave

I had a great day in Anacortes today. It was a very cold day and there was a dusting of snow on the ground outside my condo. I called Nora and there was even more in Anacortes, but the weather app said the snow would stop by the time I was to get there so I took my chances. Turned out to be an exquisitely beautiful drive down I5. There was snow on all the tree branches and foggy mists that became luminous as the sun peaked out. I was so glad I decided to drive down.

It was bridge day and Dave and I went to Jack's house at noon. Before we left we got in one Carcassonne game which was very close. One thing I love about playing bridge at Jack and Cindy's house is its 360 view of the city and waterfront. Cindy is an artist like me, and also an architect. She designed their home which takes full advantage of the beautiful location.

We had a full complement of people in spite of the weather. (There was around an inch of snow on the ground.) I played with Rick and was not playing my very best bridge. I was telling everybody about my new friend Shelly and may have been just a tad distracted. Ha ha. Rick and I came in last so I got my money back. Meanwhile Dave and his partner came in second. Nice!

We headed back to Dave and Nora's house for a game of Mexican Train dominoes. While we were at it the high winds knocked out power, so we continued the game in candlelight. After a few hands it was dinner time and we were all getting peckish. So Dave and Nora began to cook dinner in candlelight. Just as it was about to be done the lights came on and Dave finished the flank steak in bright light.

Dinner was delicious. Soon after it was over I headed back up to Bellingham. The air was bitter cold and the wind was still blowing. Even so I had an easy safe drive. When I got home Shelly and I had a nice talk on the phone. I really enjoyed the day today.

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