The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Icy Cold

It has been very cold for the past few days. This is one of the puddles near where Shelly lives.

I started the day with my two exercise classes at the YMCA. I do a warm up yoga class and a circuit class after that. They are just right to get my joints moving and my muscles in gear. It is a good workout and I'm glad I added Monday morning exercises to my schedule.

After exercising I went to my friend Anna's house. We went out to lunch at Busara, a wonderful Thai restaurant near where Anna lives. It is always good to spend time with Anna. We've known each other a long time and share many memories. Anna was with me at Silverado the day Arvin died. We talked of that and many other things.

After lunch and a good long talk I drove down to Fairhaven to spend the rest of the day with Shelly. We took a walk on the Interurban and then drove to my house to have soup and salad for dinner. There we stayed for a lovely evening together. What an amazing guy he is. We talked a bit about what we admire in each other. I told him I admired his ability to make the best of whatever came his way. He admired my ability to make friends and relate to people. What a good idea that was to share this. We both learned more about ourselves and each other. It seems he and I are growing closer every time we are together. It is a lovely and totally unexpected delight.

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