The late Wm. Rodney Bertram...

Known universally, to all but his wife, as "SAM", had a couple of sayings which always amused me:-
1. "Ah'll just tel ye a true fact." 
(Sam, if it ain't true, it ain't a fact. NOT that I ever told him.)
2. "Ah'll just tell ye a funny thing." 
Which in this case is pertinent.

I did a wee shop this p.m. and while propping myself up on the cafe counter I noticed that every overhead light had a reflection in the stainless Steel, surrounded by a circle of polishing abrasions.

The "funny thing" is that however far you moved your head, (be it mm or feet) the circle remained around the reflection. 
Try it sometime and see.

I did a short video clip I haven't had time to look at yet.

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