Capital adventures

By marchmont

Hothouse 1

Spent the day at what was Moray House doing the first of our design sprints. Much chat and post it notes. And no coffee or tea so I had to go back to the office to pick up some water, literally.

Then to the West End for 90 minutes of pummelling from L. I was completely locked up. By back had effectively seized and that had affected my legs too. I now have stretches to do, cat.

It was after 7 before I got home. Update chat with J and watched 'Collateral'. I have so much to catch up on. It will have to wait till I'm back. #2 son is in Singapore ok. I'm going to write to him re Saturday. A bit of reflection is required.

But there is Good News! Last night #3 son got the new laptop going and managed to access the files on the 'old' one. Only photos were transferred last night but tonight I transferred the rest, including the accounts data. There was a bit of a heart stopping moment on that one as I thought I'd accidentally deleted it. Luckily I had just flipped to another folder. So much for 'PC World''s assessment ! The hard drive seems ok. Just the profile that's corrupted.

Maybe the rest of the year will be better and my back will unlock!

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