Capital adventures

By marchmont

Full on, full moon day

Enthused by Arclight I started the day with a 20 plus minute walk (along a busy road) to the Living Crafts Centre. There was a tour explaining the process of dying and weaving the cloth to make the beautiful textiles on sale. Around 500 village women are supported to earn a living.

Then a hot and dusty walk back. For once I'd have accepted a ride if someone had said 'tuk tuk, madame' but for once no-one did. Stopped by the hotel to change my footwear. Neither my feet or my right side are holding up well with all this tramping of hot pavements. Then via a couple of wats to the bamboo bridge across the Nam Khan river to lunch on the river droite. The bridge, and its partner downstream only exist in the dry season. Really nice lunch. The Korean tourists next to me were having a Lao BBQ. Looked like a cross between Korean BBQ and hotpot.

It was so cool in the shade in the restaurant it was a shock to cross back and walk home in the heat but the pool soon cured that.

A couple of hours reading and swimming then down to the Mekong to see the sun set over the river. Cheaper, and probably better, than the sunset cruises. I also realised that tomorrow's plans won't work. The botanic gardens boat doesn't run on Wednesdays and tomorrow turns out to be Wednesday. However I've saved myself 220,000 kip, about £20. It isn't back cheap trip.

Dinner of Mekong fish, accompanied by a cat and kitten, in the Sunset Restaurant and then back up for a last visit to the Night Market. I was going to have coffee but I'm glad I didn't as the nearest temple was having the ceremony for full moon night and other Buddhist events. Monks and worshippers carrying candles and chanting were walking round the temple and then laying the candles and offerings on the various Buddhas. The monk with the mike gave a running commentary, with even an English explanation. And of course it was all under the full moon. I was glad I didn't wait for coffee.

Finally bought a couple of souvenirs to take home and some mango to eat then back to the hotel to pack.

It was a busy day and I've probably walked about 10 Kms. No wonder my feet hurt.

Extras show some of my day.

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