Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Formal introductions and diplomacy

You really need to see the three amigos in the flesh to see just how exquisite they are.  They arrived safely in Newie today from the Wombats and I took them home to meet Hamish and Poppy.  I had worded Hamish and Poppy up of course.  DONT TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO PLAYING!!!!!!!!!! SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I overdid the rules of diplomacy and you can see how nervous my two were meeting the amigos.  Still better than the reactions of some world leaders I have seen recently. 

Well, we are about to show them around Newie for a few days before they continue on their world tour.

And the most wonderful thing happened today.  It has rained!  Thank you those that sent it our way.  You can hear the gardens sighing in contentment.

I have to rush off to my Aunt to take some more boxes and things so catch you later.

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