By ArcLight


A much needed good night's sleep, but because of the two hour time difference from the UK, I had quite a lot of trouble waking up this morning. The result was that it was light, woohoo, by the time I got up, and when I pull back the curtains I found these patterns on the window. I sleep with the window slightly open, as the flat is rather overheated for my (nighttime) taste, and it was certainly cold overnight! [In case you wondered, there are three layers to the windows here. I think this appeared between the two outer layers. And I loved the way it made it look as if the trees on the ground down below the window have frosty flowers on them].

A fruitful working day. Not too much excitement. Culminated with 'Easy Training', then back here to see the further progress on the kitchen. Now skyping in to a trustee meeting in London.

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