By ArcLight

Stepping out

Endlessly striving for some variety in my walks around here, I found a new variation today, which also offered some new photo opportunities. After Pilates, I headed down past the huge cemetery and out to the end of Hietaniemi Beach, which is one of the places we headed to for sunsets shortly after we arrived here. From there, the path curves to the left around Lapinlahti, which is where this person was heading. In the background, you can see the power station chimneys that feature in my 10th floor blips sometimes.

I could go that way, and then eventually come back on the tram, or a bus, but instead I headed out to sea, and around the back of the island that sits just off Hietaniemi beach, following some well worn tracks across the ice and snow over to my favourite cafe, where I sat in the sun (at -10C) drinking my coffee and eating my bun. It seems important to get outside whilst the sun is shining, and it was an exhilarating walk. Work can be, and was, done in the hours of darkness, which are still many here.

And just to show I'm still obsessed with the 10th floor view, I've added an extra.

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