Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

AOG, Wild and Wide!

It was an exciting day at the AOG today!  My assignment was the Golden Ponds outdoor stadium, covering multiple events.  Because it was 17°, the AOG Committee provided me with multiple layers of warm clothing and I was quite cozy!  Hard to believe this pond was completely defrosted a few days ago.  Events that had to be postponed over the weekend were rescheduled for today and Team Canada Goose took all three medals in the Ice Dancing competition!  It was so exciting that all of the Canada Goose athletes gathered  together for a huge victory lap over the pond!  Many thanks to Cailleach for hosting Wild Wednesdays, BobsBlips (sorry there are no lines...unless you count the shore line) for Wide Wednesdays, and dbifulco for the 2018AOG (Alternative Olympic Games)!  And this is definitely worth a look in large!

I've added an extra of Piper sleeping in her favorite place.  Her dad had shoveled most of the deck and, as seen in the photo, there was plenty of dry area in the sun but she chose the snow pile for her nap.  Silly girl!

I am grateful that I was motivated to get out for a walk early (for me anyway) this morning despite the cold.  It was envigorating!! :-))

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