By chrisf

Adelphi Weir

Peel Park, one of the UK's first public parks (1846) and funded by public subscription,  is being restored to something like its former glory, with Heritage Lottery Fund money assisting (extra). It all feels a lot safer than it did, and is looking good. It will look even better once it is allowed to dry out and muddy areas are restored to grass.

Over the Irwell and to the Meadows, clearly beloved of dog walkers this lunchtime. The new housing at the northern end is looking good, and it helps to make this large open space feel safe too. The blip is from the Meadows and is of a pretty massive apartment development being built alongside the river adjacent to Adelphi Weir. Part of the deal is that a new riverside walkway is opened up here.

A second extra - returning to Peel Park I took a shot up river, the changing colour of the distant willow caught my attention. The houses are some that flooded on Boxing Day 2015. Looking at the photo in more detail I looked at the birds in the water - a couple of Canada geese, a pair of mallards, a flock of black headed gulls, and - to my surprise - a pair of goldeneye. They nest in holes in trees (or special nest boxes), The highlands of Scotland are home to a very small breeding population. Welcome to Salford !

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