Three Generations

A varied and interesting day. After breakfast it was down to Vons supermarket to shop for the first part of our time here. Always interesting if a little frustrating trying to find the items you need as well as comparing their cost with what you would pay in the UK.

After lunch there was time to fit in a walk taking in one of the many Carlsbad walking trails. This one took us from the house along each side of a creek and past the Leo Carrillo Ranch Park, site of a former ranch owned by a local actor. The site will repay a further visit as it was also where local native Americans were living thousands of years ago - their descendants still live in the locality.

Plenty of wildlife on show along the walk including this peacock that was perched on a wall. Many birds that we need to be able to identify. One particular bird we’d like to see is the Californian Gnatcatcher, simply for its admirable name. Lots of flowers too such as varieties of Bougainville and Bird of Paradise.

The main event through was getting to know Landon properly for the first time. And what a joy it was. Chris, DeShaun and Landon make a lovely family and Landon is, by and large, a very contented little boy. Very nice to have a photo of the three generations together.

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