Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Busy morning on the Thames

As expected today was sunny but ever so cold. The whole of the coming week is going to be very cold with Arctic winds from Siberia and they say spring will be put back a few weeks. I hope the new spring flowers survive this cold period, as do the newly born lambs.

This morning Gavin and I went to Kingston to buy some new (drinking) glasses. We realised that our glasses were in desperate need of replacing - some are chipped, we did not seem to have one complete set of anything and they needed replacing. We found some lovely glasses at John Lewis and I particularly like the stunning new champagne glasses that I found.

The observant among you will notice a lack of hockey photos....before half term Thomas had a leg muscle injury so could not play, and since he got back to school this week he has had a very bad cold and throat infection so he has been off-ex all week. He is feeling a bit better today but still finding it difficult to eat with his throat being so painful. So no hockey match for him today.

I therefore took my camera with me to Kingston and managed to get some photos of the River Thames this morning, busy with all the bird life on the water - this swan family were hoping for some food and quickly lost interest when they saw I did not have any.

A quiet night tonight, I am looking forward to a glass of prosecco as I make dinner and then just relaxing in front of the TV.

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