By Veronica


We had an open rehearsal today. It was far better attended than the last one ... we had about eight people! They included someone who'd got in touch with me via the choir website, to enquire about joining. I told her that recruitment was only in the autumn for next year's programme, but to come along and see what she thought. When William le chef met her at tea break, his eyes lit up when he heard that a) she reads music, b) she sang in a choir in the UK, c) she is about ten years younger than the youngest member of the choir. By the end of tea break she'd been roped in to sing along with us for the rest of the afternoon. So I count that as a success for the website I created when we decided to go it alone :)

The rehearsal went well too ... things are coming together and we still have a whole weekend to go. My triple quantities of cake proved barely adequate. I got the two malt loaves out this morning, wandered off for five minutes, and it was all gone when I came back ...

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