Week 8.

A year ago about right now when I'm writing this, we entered the hospital. The baby had shown signs that he was soon ready to this world.. 

But now it's not the time to write about the birth, it's time to lookback this week.

Otto got the same flu that our baby had and they both were sick in the beginning of this week. Luckily they both got better and we had nice week. 

On Tuesday we went for a walk with my friend and her baby .. toddler, it was a beautiful sunny winter day. Well it's been sunny for the whole week <3 and cold too! -20 Celsius at it's peak.. 

Thursday we went swimming, on Monday we didn't go like we normally do, because boys were sick. 

On Saturday and Sunday we had fun family time, made good food, went outside for walk and sledging, went to sauna etc. 

Today evening we saw also a friend and her babyboy too.

I also worked two days this week. I really like place I have been working now. (It's not my permanent job, just been substituting there few time, but I'm really happy that they have taken me there! It's really nice place.)

Next week our baby turns from baby to toddler and it's time to party! 

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