Week 9.

This week has been full on Birthday stuff.

Monday, as usually we went to baby swim. It was fun. As always. Our boy really enyous it. He likes to dive and play with the toys.

On Tuesday our babyboy turned from baby to a toddler (but I think I'm still calling him baby).. Happy Birthday Dear! <3
After waking up we gave him our present, it was a big teddybear because we realized he didn't have any teddys and everybody needs a teddy..?
He liked it. He gave him a kiss like he gives to everyone/everything he likes.

Then we went to child health centre to see what are his measures etc. He has grown in a year from 3620grams to 8945grams(+5325g), from 51.0 centimeters to 76.3 centimeters(+25.3cm). He is slim but growing on his own curve.

In the evening we played at home and have fun time.

On Wednesday we saw our friend and on Thursday we went to a photographer to take 1-year old photos. I'm impatient to see the pictures!

On Friday I baked, baked, baked and baked. Also cleaned the house because on Saturday we had Birthday party!

I'm lucky that so many friends and family members came to visit us and celebrate. Cakes and food were tasty, we had nice time together and our son got lovely presents.

Today, on Sunday, couple of friends visited us to celebrate the Birthday too.

It's been a really nice week and weekend. I think our son liked his First Birthday Party too. <3

P.S. On the picture up left our son is couple of minutes old, it's taken last year but wanted to share it in the collage too.

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