Week 10.

As usual, Monday was swimmingday.

Tuesday I had a little squabble with our son. He saw an tomato on the table. And he wanted it. He wanted it anxiously. I tried to give him a piece of it. It didn't satisfy him. (Earlier he had been screaming about something else, don't remember anymore what that was, but it seemd that this day was full of stubbornness.) So I 'lost my mind' and gave him the whole tomato that he was screaming about.

And he calmed. He started bitting the tomato. ?! He never eats anything with lumps. (His food has to be still smooth. Only fingerfood he likes is cottage cheese, macaroni and some baby snacks.) But now he got the freaking tomato (which he obviously didn't eat compeletely, just few bites, rest he threw all over the kitchens floor) , he satisfied and I got to eat my own food too (and clean the floor)..

Our son has always been sleeping in our bed next to me. We tried to put him in his own bed when he was newborn but he didn't like it at all. Then I tooked him to sleep in our bed and it was so lovely he was sleeping next to me and I could smell, hear and see him all the time. And since that I didn't want to put him again to his bed.

It's been both lovely and not so lovely that he's used to sleep next to me and to get milk when ever he wants and as many times as he wants in the night. Sometimes it hasn't bothered me at all to breastfeed him xxxxx times per night and sometimes I have been so tired and frustrated about it. But I have been doing it because mostly it's been okay and I still love hearing, smelling and seeing him next to me at nights as much as the first night together.

But now, on Wednesday, Otto brought the babybed to our bedroom. He fixed the bottom of the bed downwards and took the other side away. Now it's time to teach him to sleep in his own bed. And not to get milk as often as he wants. And he needs to learn to sleep with Otto too, not just with me.

Soooo, the nights after Wednesday hasn't been so easy as they used to be. More crying and less well slept hours.....

Third and fourth night were better than the first two.. We'll see how the coming night will turn to be because it's the first night I'm sleeping in different room than our baby, he's sleeping with his dad. So far so good, Otto got him sleeping.. Now I'm just waiting when he wakes up for the first time and realizes that mommy isn't here like she always is and the titties aren't here either...

Oh and what we did during the days..
Thursday we went to see Otto's friends new house and newborn girl. Both, the house and baby girl were lovely. The baby was so tiny. And her feet... they were so so so tiny! Our boys feet have never been so tiny. That's for sure.

Friday was just lazy normal day. We didn't do much, Otto was at work..

Saturday I went to downhill sledging with my son, Otto was at work.

And today we went swimming because Otto is working tomorrow so we can't go swimming as we normally do on Mondays.

Now I should go sleeping but... I don't think I'm gonna get any sleep because it's so weird beeing by myself.....

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