Sunday Brunch

We don't usually have time to cook breakfast during the week. But we try to make a nice breakfast or brunch at least once during the weekend. My husband is the head cook in our kitchen, but I am the chief chopper of things.

I am the one who peels and dices the potatoes for home fries, who cuts up the ham and cheese and veggies for the omelet. (The potatoes are ones my dad gave us at Christmas, and the ham was baked on Saturday afternoon.) Then my husband steps up to the stove and cooks it, golden and delicious.

The piece of cookware that my husband uses most often is the red copper fry pan that you see in this photo. It has a metal handle and can be used on the top of the stove AND in the oven.

It cooks evenly and gives beautiful results, and minimal cooking oil is needed. He jokes that he should throw away all of our other cookware and keep just this one piece, which can do pretty much anything.

I remember when we bought this skillet. We picked it up when we were on our way to visit my parents. Standing in the driveway with my dad, my husband pulled the skillet out of the car trunk and brandished it aloft, excitedly extolling its virtues, based on a video we had seen on TV.

I remember the look on my father's face as he said, in what I can only describe as his "a fool and his gold are soon parted" tone of voice: "I hope it turns out to be everything you hoped it would be." I am happy to report that it's been all of that and more!

Yeah, but can it help me wash the dishes? ;-)

Three cheers for the simple pleasures in life, such as Sunday brunch! The song to accompany this image . . . I chose this one because it talks about making breakfast and brunch. :-)  Randy Travis, with Would I.

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