Cousteau: 02/11/05 - 27/02/18

I held you close my little boy
As we lost you today
You gave a peaceful, quiet sigh
And then you slipped away

You looked like you were sleeping
Though I knew you were not here
I kissed your little tender nose
I kissed your silken ear

You were my mate, my friend, my clown
Beloved beyond belief
But illness took your life too soon
Snuck past us like a theif

Yesterday we had tomorrow 
Now we no longer do
I'll miss my little russet boy
I'll miss you being you

I'm numb. I'm sad. I'm at a loss
I don't know what to do
Cos life without you by my side
Is something sad and new

Thank you Cousteau for being there
To dry my tears at times
But most of all my little boy
Thank you for being mine.

I'm not sure what life looks like without my Cousteau in it. Right now I'm beyond sad. He promised me he'd let me know when it was time, and today, without the pre-warning I always thought I'd have, he did. My last gift to my red boy was peace and a break from the pain. I'll be honest though, I just wish he was still here by my side. Bye bye baby boy xxx

This is my last Cousteau blip. Right now, I'm not even sure if I have any more in me. I'll see how I go.

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