Abstract trees and birds in the garden

Definitely shades of Iceland in the garden this morning and the birds were making the most of the feeding opportunities (see extra).  As you can see in the extra - see replenishment is due.  So Ann sorted the seed out and I cleared some snow. We've actually had a song thrush in the garden at lunch time, the first I've seen here for some years, but the blackbirds are far too bossy and the song thrush too timid, so I'm not sure what food it managed to get.  (We still have a lot of blackbirds, which are probably members of the same family.) 

I thought I'd try the intentional camera movement trick with a different lens but really the snow was creating too much light and I only managed a few shots as I first went into the wood.  I thought I had a neutral density filter to block out some light and then discovered it was too big (so I need a convertor ring to make it fit.). According to my latest RPS  magazine I'm playing at Mindfulness!!  I wonder why it's taken a friend of ours years to get her Mindfulness qualification when this guy walks out of banking, into travel photography and then following the birth of his daughter, into Mindfulness photography training for the RPS!  (`Coming up for Air' by Andrew Scriven, RPS Journal, March 2018)y

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